Sick of Buzzfeed Lists.

Things I lose easily:

  • the other sock
  • chapstick
  • pens
  • pencils
  • motivation

Things I misplace often:

  • that very important paper
  • my glasses
  • my sunglasses
  • my keys
  • love

Things I find everywhere:

  • grains of rice
  • books I don’t need anymore
  • little tissue packets
  • Tylenol
  • fear

One comment

  1. Things I lose easily:
    Interest in exercising
    Patience with thoughtless idiots
    The ability to abide right-wing/conservative rantings

    Things I misplace often lately:
    My phone
    water bottle
    book I’m currently reading

    Things I find everywhere:
    errant hairs (in my bra, down my shirt, on my counter, etc)
    my youngest child’s belongings
    lady bugs
    faces in individual or groupings of inanimate objects
    conversation with strangers

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