Reasons I love Capt. James T. Kirk of the Starship Enterprise

  • James T. Kirk is beautiful.


  • Capt. Kirk is loyal and dedicated to his spaceship and its crew.
  • Kirk is willing to sacrifice himself, if it means the safety of his crew.
  • Jim is a lover, he lives in the moment.


  • The Captain is level-headed; he balances his emotions and his logic perfectly.


  • He is a friend to the highest degree, again willing to give his life for the assured well-being of others.
  • Jim Kirk does not believe in no-win scenarios.
  • Jim Kirk refuses to accept failure, and his creativity helps him through moments of crisis.
  • Capt. Kirk is physically strong but knows his weaknesses.


  • Kirk uses every option available to him to understand and communicate with alien life.
  • He relies on the experts in given fields when he needs them, and lets his crew members shine.



  • Despite his allegiance to Starfleet, Jim Kirk knows how and when it is appropriate to break the rules.


In short, James Tiberius Kirk is my role model. He is an exemplary human; an example of what I hope the future will really bring: compassionate, peaceful, and intelligent beings who rocket through space and discover what no one has discovered before.


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