To Do.

Maintain a healthy and successful relationship with my boyfriend. Maintain updated and connected to my closest friends (5). Maintain a close relationship with my sister (1). Maintain healthy and stable relationships with my parents (2). With my grandparents (2). Remain successfully in contact with my extended friends, family, and acquaintances (number unknown). Do not forget birthdays.

Keep on top of schoolwork and read new books. Keep looking for ways to make money. Keep looking for ways to save money. Keep detailed notes. Do not let food go bad. Update the phone. Make back-ups of the computer. Keep room clean and organized. Keep kitchen clean. Clean bathroom often. Wash hands often. Brush teeth everyday.

Maintain a healthy body. Eat healthy food more often, when possible, most often. Avoid temptations. Get proper nighttime sleep. Take pills everyday. Keep clothes hung up nice. Organize the medicine shelf. Buy more contact solution. Clean glasses. Get hair trimmed.

Maintain strong friendship bond with roommate. Remember the names of her parents (2). Remember the names of her friends (number unknown. names remembered: 4?) Recycle more. Check the mail. Find out how to stop getting ads in the mail. Listen to more diverse music. Study German. Study Chinese (Mandarin). Study Spanish. Review Latin. Learn to dance (Salsa, Swing,).

Write a short story by March 31st. Apply for more jobs. Keep track of period. Find out when doctor check-up is needed. Keep all calendars synched and up to date. Respond to emails in order of lateness of the response. Listen to astrophysics podcasts (StarTalk). Visit the Quai Branly museum.

Schedule coffee dates with French friends (3-4). See “The Revenant.” Go to the theatre more often. Watch “Galaxy Quest.” Stay up to date and informed of American politics and news, especially if moving back. Read more French newspapers. Delete unnecessary pictures or information from social media accounts.

Unsubscribe from certain email lists. Use the Kindle more. Buy a spring jacket. Buy rice and olive oil. Find out if Monoprix will give you a free bag if you have the card. Return (overdue) library books. Prepare lessons for students of different levels in English. Keep detailed notes. Do not forget names of children or parents. Practice and prepare using “vous” and sounding professional. Do not be afraid to ask for clarification or repetition.

Find gift for roommate’s birthday. Prepare a special day for her. Do not be afraid to email professors. Make a thesis plan. Do more research. Verify where documents are located or if they are cheap enough to purchase. Find more cheap or free book websites. Pay credit card bill. Download a fancy timer app. Download more productivity apps. Meditate (is there an app for that?). Post inspiring lists and quotes on walls to surround me. Learn from the Buddha. Be motivated by the future. But be present. But don’t forget about that future. Find the balance.

Wonder, why I feel so compelled to delve into religious queries. I am very stubbornly atheist. And although I am perplexed by believers, I am more annoyed at the wishy-washy people. I don’t know why though. I am also annoyed at the militant atheists, and the militant Christians. In fact, those groups (specifically the latter) spark actual violence in this world against humans.

If I asked about an orange, and you said you weren’t really a fan of oranges but also didn’t hate oranges, I am fine with that.I feel that way about some foods too. But if you say you are not really sure about a god, you are just “maybe,” I don’t like it and I don’t understand. Why is god so different from oranges?

Which I suppose is one more item for my to-do list: find out why a god is so different from an orange.

(in some people’s eyes. for all I care, oranges are gods).



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